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7 Key SEO Trends to Boost Your Google Rankings In 2017

We constantly hear the phrase ‘change is the only constant’ tossed about throughout the first few months of a new year. Nowhere is this axiom truer than in SEO.

A few years ago, we had the time for trial-and-error when it comes to Google updates because they were so far and few in between. Also, people recognized certain variables and had reverse engineered their way to the top of the rankings. As time passed, (and Google engineers got smarter) algorithms have their updates even more regularly and in ways that have been incredibly hard to decipher.

Entire businesses disappeared because of these updates, and stock markets traded places quicker than a game of musical chairs. A reason for this is because most of the SEO campaigns that were run till the last few updates were catered to bring about massive changes in rankings and offer little or no value to the reader.

What does this mean for you and me? The only way forward was to create value – by this, I mean compelling content that encourages the user to stay on. Let’s look at a few concepts that you need to incorporate for your brand remain in the hunt for revenue and conversions.

7 Trends That Can Power Your Rankings On Google

1) Recognize What Users Want

If you are running a business, the first thing you would do I narrow down your target demographic. This same ideology has to apply to your SEO (Søkemotoroptimalisering) campaigns as well. Instead of trying to get ALL of the people browsing the internet on your page, optimize your website to bring in your target audience.
The days of bringing in a million users on your website and then taking a victory lap are long gone. This is the age of tangible numbers – conversions and revenue. You need to focus on strategies rather than just metrics like keyword density and hits per page

2) AMP Your Website Up!

The advent of super-powerful mobile devices has had an enormous impact on browsing – over 60% of all Google search request are from mobile devices and this only set to increase even further. This suggests that more than half of your users are going to be logging in remotely.

Accelerated Mobile Pages have answered the call for higher performance on mobile devices. These load up quickly and are perfect for users on mobile devices. Google has disclosed that factors like mobile speed and usability are factors to be considered on search engine algorithms.

3) SERPs Love Rich Snippets

Rich snippets have had a noticeable impact on search results. Google now analyzes searches contextually, so if you search for ‘cast of Lion,’ you are taken to a new page where you have a lot more information to check out. Rich snippets have practically doubled in the last two years and are only going to increase even further.

These types of searches are made possible with the use of structured data markup, which maps out a table with possible responses to queries that are generated. Implementing structured data markup on your website will enable these types of searches to highlight your site as well.

4) Give Your Brand A Voice

Another offshoot of advancing tech is the increasing capability of voice recognition. Several apps translate speech to text when it comes to searches. Adding to this fact is that there are a lot more people using this since errors have decreased over 30 since 2012.

You need to get optimizing your website for voice searches which means prioritizing naturally occurring long-tail keywords and applying Structured Data to give queries additional context.

5) Across Multiple Platforms – Cross-Channel Marketing

An extension of multi-channel marketing, cross-channel marketing takes the approach even further. A requirement for this type of marketing on your website is to have your presence in as many types of channels as possible. This means you need to keep your brand image consistent across multiple devices and platforms.

While this is still a fledgling technique, it never hurts to be an early adopter of technology that you know is going to pay off dividends in the days to come.

6) Keep Your Users Secure

While most brands still not have gone ahead with this citing several reasons, Google has established HTTPS as a ranking factor for a website. So if you haven’t already done so, try getting this done as quickly as possible, and you are likely to see increased traffic to your website.

Granted, that migration from HTTP to HTTPS is a complex set of processes, but it is definitely worth it if it’s going to help your website in the long run.

7) Keep It Short And Sweet

One technique followed by most SEO companies is to write pages on pages of so that they can keep their keyword density down to acceptable levels. While this has worked before, these days Google is considering a new metric that measures the value per word of the page.

Another factor is that longer pages tend to load a lot slower as well. Here is where you will optimize your web page speed by optimizing content and images to fall within acceptable page speed parameters.


These are some of the methods that you can use to rank well in 2017. Since these are moving your website towards better QOL (quality of life) status, you will find that these work for you even in the years to come. Do let us know about what has worked for you early 2017 and please feel to use the comments section to give your thoughts!

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How You Can Craft Your Articles For Humans And SEO Bots

When crafting killer articles for your site or blog, there should be two main considerations: first, the contents must be able to engage entertain and efficiently drive conversions; and second, contents must be able to reach a broad scope of audience.

Technically, as most web traffic comes from search engines, weaving materials that are optimized for better search visibility is paramount to get your place on the internet.

Although these goals – high-quality content and efficient search visibility – may seem to be not correlative with each other, both are essential in obtaining marketing success. Thus, they must be part of your primary goals.

It is important for your contents to be well-written, entertaining and filled with relevant information for the users; however, none of that would matter if they remain unseen inside your website.

A good SEO ranking can help pull your contents in its hiding place and bring it in front to many readerships.

As a marketer, you should learn on how to become a great storyteller— conveying your brand’s story through different mediums to a wide number of audiences. Here are ideal practices in weaving efficient and captivating articles:

Use Examples

Giving concrete examples could make your article stronger and more relatable. Stay away from purely theoretical contents when sharing anything about your products or services or your brand in general. Consider finding excellent points that relate to news or pop culture to better give your audience a better frame of reference. These relatable stories can be remembered longer than by presenting confusing statistics or numbers.

Show Your Voice

One of an ideal thing you can do for your brand is to provide it with a unique voice. Don’t hesitate to get a little bit quirky or funny (if you are).

It is helpful to read the piece aloud to identify if it sounds just like you. Your real voice can become your best asset.

While it is through that you have to adhere to the standard of your industry but the reality is that the more you sound like a human being, the more people will get attracted to engage with you.

Get To Know Your Audience

Be aware that your blog is not your journal. Make sure to know your audience well to allow you choose suitable languages for whomever you are trying to address your articles. If you are writing for broad readers, forget about the jargons. Keep paragraphs on point and short and refrain from incorporating difficult-to-understand materials.

Finally, become a critic of your work. Go on for some revisions if you think it’s necessary.

Major Considerations In Writing Articles For SEO

See? Creating great articles isn’t as hard as others would think. Now, we must address the next necessary factor: optimizing your contents to be seen.

Along with social media posting, being able to optimize your contents for the search engines is a proven method in bringing in your articles to a better number of audience. Mainly, by trying to optimize your contents to appear more often in search engine recommendations, you can have a great chance of increasing not just the visibility of your articles but the trustworthiness of your brand as well.

The following are primary methods you can use in creating SEO-friendly contents:

Stay Organic

Putting in friendly and highly visible keywords within your piece is the best way to exemplify your campaign. These keywords must be incorporated in a way that they will look organic with the subject matter. Know that most of the readers today especially those that spend an ample time in the digital world are capable of noticing if you just stuffed your work with keywords that you hope will maximize visibility.

Incorporate Effective Keywords

Make sure to optimize your articles by including keywords in your titles or even in your subtitles. Create a keyword hierarchy and utilize the most search generating efficiently. Further, remember to use the most relevant keyword in the article’s title.

Be Clever About Image

Make sure to include images with alt texts to make your page show up even in image searches. Images are also necessary for breaking up texts in a creative manner. Further, high-quality images will make your piece even more attractive and engaging.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ideas can help you get your way to the top of your marketing battles. Not just these will help elevate your brand, but these ideas will also aid in enhancing your reputation as a quality content provider.

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How To Choose Hosting Company For Your Website

Nowadays, to find a standard hosting is not a problem. Just choose a well-known provider for average market prices, and your site will work.

Difficulties appear when you consciously want to choose the hosting with the highest quality services. The reason for the challenge is plenty of hosting characteristics, and an inexperienced site owner can have problems with their assessment

1. Specifications

The server is an ordinary computer; it has a processor, memory, and a hard disk. For instance, one server contains a thousand of sites. When you buy an inexpensive web hosting, your site becomes one of this thousand. Simplifying, we can say that the site is a typical program on your hard disk, but it requires CPU resources and memory for working.

In this case, the hoster has to watch that some sites do not use too many resources, infringing the rights of others. Besides, the hosting company should oversell within reasonable limits.

1. 1. Server functioning capacity

Many providers have dozens of servers. We can’t know in advance, where they will place your site. So, to evaluate the quality of hosting, not having the test period (often free), will be a bad way.

Script timers of the site can check the server capacity. They collect statistics of the time page generation (PHP execution and separate processing of MySQL requests), and we can see charts of performance during rush hours. Of course, in this case, the site must have visitors.

1. 2. Workload channel

Special services are checking it: you call your website, and computers all over the world are trying to get through it. It takes a few days – and you will get statistics.

2. Support

A support team must respond to your problem at any time. During the first month, you can check it, for example, asking questions about the backup organization. Evaluate the usefulness of the responses, friendliness, and efficiency, especially at night or at the weekend.

3. Ease of the control panel, variety of functions and installed software

There are many subtleties, but, most likely, there are all you need on your site: PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, PHPMyAdmin, and billing. However, do not pay attention to limits of disk space and traffic – most likely you have enough.

What should you pay attention, choosing a server provider?

The first step in choosing any hosting solution is to narrow down its possibilities by checking performance and reputation of providers you are considering.

Further, you should decide whether you want a managed hosting or an unmanaged one. It is usually the simplest solution based on whether you have a desire to cooperate with the server administration. If you consider a managed hosting, look at companies’ tech support capabilities, checking the rating and reading testimonials on the Internet.

It’s time to assess your server needs: processor power, RAM, how much memory you need and what bandwidth is likely to consume. They all will depend on the type of your site. The more complicated the site (a lot of media files, a large number of visitors, dynamically generated pages), the more performance and bandwidth you need.


It is important the server is available, and the support service was quickly ready to help. Check it out in practice. Try hosting at least during a month, and then you can pay for a year and receive a discount 10-20%.

Article Contributed by: Margo Geras, marketing manager of the INXY.COM

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Refreshing Ways To Elevate Your Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is a mobile application that makes most of us wonder if it’s simply something the young generations are doing these days, or it could be a valuable alternative when it comes to marketing.

Snapchat has experienced tremendous growth since it was launched a couple of years ago. Today, there is already an average of 9,000 snaps per second and a staggering 8 billion or more video views on the platform each day.

While Snapchat stars are now shifting their allegiance to Instagram, many are still thinking that this social network (which has not been thoroughly explored) could be a significant part of their marketing arsenal too.

Before getting any far, you may need to acknowledge that Snapchat is distinct from other social platforms. Your posts won’t get archived, and the sponsor ads won’t stay there for more than 10 seconds. With those things in consideration, here are some effective ways to use Snapchat in marketing your brand.

Offer Giveaways

Snapchat’s time limit is a great podium for giveaways as it may help encourage urgency in engaging with your audience. Aside from giving giveaways on other social platform to gain a new set of followers, you can exhaust Snapchat to ask your audience directly to participate by providing their in entries, and then reply to them instantly – this then creates one-on-one interaction.

Offer Giveaways

Perhaps, you can create a series of snaps or some sponsored stories as this can surely help in building anticipation for your giveaways. This may organically spread the word about your brand. You may ask your follower to get involved by asking them to submit their name and contact info or even by encouraging them to invite  their friends or family members to follow you on Snapchat.

Make Partnerships With Influencers

Make Partnerships With Influencers

Major brands collaborate with influential individuals in expanding their reach for their products and services. Most of these personalities include YouTubers, Twitter Stars, and many others. On Snapchat, you can find users with a huge number of followers that relate to your industry and partner with them in promoting your brand to your target demographic in a natural means.

Take Audience To Your Behind-The-Scenes

Just like on other platforms, you would want to add some human element to your posts; otherwise, your content will be perceived in the bad light. Your audience must see you as a friend who tells important details to them.

One great way to nail this is by showing some behind-the-scenes footage. Your audience will be more likely to find it appealing because these contents are not planned in advanced or polished in contrast to most contents in a usual campaign.

Take Audience To Your Behind-The-Scenes

You can have photos of staffs having fun, videos of employee working for a product launch or simply by being your user’s tour guide for a particular event.

Use Q&A For Further Interactions

Snapchat is a very interactive platform. You can practically start a question and answer session for you to engage with your followers. With the contents’ “quick-disappearing” nature, it encourages speedy responses while providing you with a distinct way to interact with your audience.

Use Q&A

You can ask users about some interesting topics like their weekend plans or some random questions like “if you are allowed to do teleportation at this very moment, where would you go and why?” Sure, it’s good to keep things casual and fun most of the time. Engaging and educating the audience while having some touch of fun with it is always an ideal marketing approach.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat’s features and developments mentioned above are providing businesses and ideal opportunity to engage better with their target audience. Though it is still a young platform especially when it comes to content distribution, marketers are just getting started. Meaning, there is an ideal platform for you to attract and build a community of followers without needing to face stiff competitions.

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How to Use Marketing Automation To Improve Your Business

Marketing automation software has many different capabilities. But certain programs can help you with specific functions to improve. Check out these marketing automation tools to see better marketing results within your business:

1. Salesfusion Marketing and Sales Funnel

Marketing and Sales should not be worlds apart. With Salesfusion, you can work to align these efforts to create a smoother process of converting leads into customers. The tools included in Salesfusion’s marketing automation software will help you find more luck converting prospects.

2. Hubspot Inbound Lead Strategies

Hubspot is a well-known name in marketing automation. What it excels in is lead marketing efforts to find new individuals and tracking them with the help of analytics and deeper data about each lead. With the help of Hubspot you can automate marketing efforts to consistently gain new clients.

Hubspot Inbound Lead Strategies

3. Marketo Data-Storing

Each and every task you manage online needs to be saved and stored safely. Marketo is a cloud-storing marketing system which world to keep you organized and keep your data stored safely, which is an underrated function in the digital world.

4. LeadPath Lead Management

LeadPath has several functions to improve lead management. It first works to create landing pages and forms to get the best data from leads to help you track each individual. It them works to help prioritize leads through lead scoring functions to help you target the right leads at the right time. These tools can help you improve your lead nurturing efforts and see a higher ROI.

5. Pardot CRM

Marketing automation efforts can be combined with Pardot, which works to improve conditions for lead and customers. Their CRM system helps improve functions and integrates lead scoring and nurturing efforts into other marketing functions.

6. Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Combo

Infusion soft is another marketing tool that will help you combine your two main efforts, marketing and sales, to streamline the process for quicker and more reliable results.

Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Combo

7. JumpLeadfor Cheap Marketing Automation

Some marketing automation software companies are way overpriced and out of reach for small businesses looking for a new marketing system. JumpLead works to combine efforts in a simpler system. It is an affordable starting tool for small business owners looking for marketing automation software.

8. Eloqua for Speedy Efforts

Eloqua will help expedite your marketing efforts, by organizing your information and making your marketing campaign work harder and faster to see results you need happen sooner.

9. Bremy Content Management

Content of all types is crucial to a successful digital marketing campaign. With the help of Bremy, you can organize and work to publish content of all types (copy, videos, posts) in an organized content management schedule. It will also work to help your content get more recognition online.

10. Customer.io Improved Communication

Working to improve your connections with your clients should be a priority within your marketing campaign. With Customer.io you can work to improve communication through messages sent to customers and a reliable system of two-way communication. This system will increase customer satisfaction with your business.

11. Outmarket Combines Efforts

If you need a system that organizes all of your efforts, try OutMarket which covers social, search, CRM and other marketing strategies in one organized software. This will help you consolidate your marketing efforts in one easy to use software.

12. AdRoll to Reengage

Remarketing to your old prospects and former clients is considered a lost cause to some. But with AdRoll you can use the marketing automation toll to help you retarget leads through social media campaigns and email marketing efforts with the help of tracking and analytical tools to measure your efforts.

13. Buzz Builder Pro Lead Generation

Through the use of lead forms, and nurturing automation, BuzzBuilder Pro helps to get deeper into the background of each individual lead and then use the information to find better ways to nurture and convert the new prospect.


14. Zapier Social Media Improvement

Zapier can handle many marketing tasks for social media, including efforts like streamlining and aligning your different social networking sites, improving links and finding ways to share and optimize your social media posts. Social media marketing is a large part of an online marketing campaign, and it can be a lot to handle without the help of tools like Zapier.

15.Genoo Grabs Lead Data

With Genoo, you can create a centralized data system, to keep track of your leads and infromaiton. This will help you target leads better, along with their profiling system to find more data from each new lead.

With this list of marketing automation tools, you should be able to find the right marketing automation systems to use based on the needs of your organization and the desired functions you need to be taken care of to improve your business.

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16 Instagram Tools That Will Surprisingly Boost Your Instagram Success

Are you aware how Instagram can bring success to your business?

Do you know how to get a huge number of followers and likes for your Instagram account?

No doubt, Instagram is an excellent way to connect socially and engage with consumers. With more than 400 million active monthly users and 3.5 billion Instagram Likes every day, it is a useful tool for creating brand awareness. You can gain instant success by using Instagram in the right way, but the wrong way can be a loss of time and energy.

Instagram Tools To Gain Success

1) Collecto

Formerly, Collecto was known as Followgram. With this Instagram tool, you can increase your Instagram account’s functionality. This tool has an elegant web interface to manage your Instagram presence. It also has a statistical section that synchronizes data and gives you an overview of your account’s activity.


collecto Instagram Tool


Instagram had an amazing black-and-white filter called Gotham. And this was perfect for developing noir-style photos. But Gotham was ditched for no good reason and got replaced with Inkwell. Nowadays, many online businesses use BLACK, which is an iOS-related application. This is a robust tool to emulate black and white photos using filters.

BLACK - B&W Film Emulator

3) Iconosquare

One of the most user-friendly interfaces to manage Instagram accounts is Iconosquare. It was previously known as Statigram. Using this Instagram tool you can include various add-ons to Instagram accounts. The best part of using Iconosquare is its analytics feature. You also get different tips on optimizing your Instagram account and making the most of your engagements.


4) Perfect365 And Facetune

If you are a selfie junkie, then Facetune is a highly recommended application to airbrush your skin and even whiten your teeth. Perfect365 (which is available free on Android and iOS) is one of the best feature-rich applications to tweak your best selfies. According to US Weekly Magazine, Kim Kardashian and her sisters often use this Instagram tool to edit their selfies just before posting them to Instagram.


Perfect365 And Facetune


5) Totem Analytics

Previously, known as Nitrogram, this Instagram tool is one of the best analytic platforms created to boost and focus your business’s Instagram presence. This tool uses two platforms Totem Connect and Totem Analytics to enhance your Instagram presence.

Totem Analytics tool assists you in getting real-time metrics for your posts and even lets you monitor the growth of your competitors. Totem Connect helps in reaching and interacting with your targeted Instagram audience.

Totem Analytics

6) Hyperlapse And Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

One of the best apps for creating time lapses, Hyperlapse allows you to speed up and slow down the video from 1x to 12x the normal rate. It uses software image stabilization, which is quite a standout feature. You end up getting cinematic videos that look like they’ve been captured on expensive camera gear. Android users can go for an alternative like Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

Hyperlapse And Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

7) INK361

The INK361 is one of the best and most commonly used free web interfaces which allows you to view your Instagram feed on your desktop. Here the images displayed will be much bigger compared to the mobile. Furthermore, you can design custom albums and share them even with non-Instagram users.


8) Boomerang And Phhhoto

Among the tons of apps which can you use to develop short animations and videos that loop, Phhhoto is one of the best. Unlike other applications, it creates low-fi moving pictures by design. To get higher resolution looping videos, you can use Boomerang.

Boomerang And Phhhoto

9) PicStitch And Layout

Many people get irritated when they open their Instagram feed and see dozens of snaps in a few minutes. With the Layout app, you can create various photo layouts. Similarly, PicStitch contains 245 different layouts, and it also has a built-in photo editor.

PicStitch And Layout

10) Enlight And Giphy Cam

Some people feel that Instagram is filled with too many symmetrical buildings, sunsets, and selfies. Well, this is not the case. You can also post fun or silly snaps. As per Lance Ulanoff, the chief correspondent of Mashable, Giphy Cam is an incubator of all your best and worst GIF nightmares.

It is the perfect app to organize goofy video posts. Similarly, Enlight is a feature-packed photo editing application. It has Painting, Mixer, Effects and Sketch tools which assist in converting your outstanding photos to creative art pieces.

Enlight And Giphy Cam

11) Curalate

This is an excellent analyzing Instagram tool, suitable for visual website content and can be used for measuring and monitoring the performance of brands on Instagram. Using Curalate, you can introduce the story of your business through videos and images, to increase the engagement of your audience and create a brand reputation.


12) Snapseed

One of the best photo-editing applications suitable for Android and iOS is Snapseed. Snapseed has a large number of editing tools which are stronger than the built-in ones of Instagram and its filters.


13) Piqora

This is a paid Instagram tool suitable for social media engagement. This tool analyzes your Instagram account and informs when you need to post based on your analytics. Piqora also helps with managing your account and contest tracking.


14) SnapPen And Typic

Some people don’t like to ruin their Instagram pics with doodles and text, still, these express emotions in a photo. Typic is a free app that helps in adding stamps and text while SnapPen used for adding doodles. Both these Instagram tools are straightforward and simple to use.


15) SimplyMeasured

This is a free Instagram tool to produce detailed reports about your Instagram campaigns. You can either export it to PowerPoint or download the Excel analytics. SimplyMeasured informs you which images are bringing Instagram campaigns and which day or time is best for posting images.


16) Websta

Formerly known as Webstagram, this Instagram tool assists in organizing Instagram posts, sending messages and also provides statistical information about your account. Also, you can browse famous users, hashtags, and images.


Conclusion: There is no doubt that Instagram is a great platform for your business. But you do have a lot of options regarding the Instagram tools to gain Instagram success. Choose the right tools and you can increase your Instagram marketing productivity exponentially.

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How To Find The Best Digital Marketing Company In Pakistan?

Companies that have a strong digital marketing presence in the industry are the ones that outperform their competitors. Several businesses out there don’t have quite a proper plan for their digital marketing, nor do they have the luxury of money to recruit a team of top marketer who possibly will start being productive after six months of their hiring. To accelerate your business, you must partner with a digital agency that has the expertise and skill set to drive consistency and meaningful result from the initial day.

Below are five tips that will assist you in deciding how to find the best digital marketing company to support the company’s long-term marketing goals.

Understand: Fact Is All Digital Marketing Companies Are Dissimilar

Digital marketing agencies are of various forms they are big and small. The important part is that you find the one that fits your budget as well as your business goals. So what makes them different from each other?

Firstly many companies offer some specialty services in which they excel. For example, a traditional marketing company might offer you their digital marketing services at a discounted price. While you don’t want to be too hasty in making your decision it’s wise you don’t even dismay these companies. Digital marketing is a growing industry and is also an incredible complex. You will want to hire the agency the best digital marketing company that is aware of all the latest trends.

Do Your Research

The digital marketing industry is full of imposters, business who will sell you crappy stuff as branded. They will show you all those glitters and promising you amazing results and will do their best in charging double amount from you. While there is a vast majority of companies who are not like them, still they are there. To make sure that you are choosing the best digital agency for your marketing and not an impostor do the following:

  • Be cautious of opting for overseas marketing agencies.
  • Remember you will get what you pay – less money usually means cheap work.
  • Check potential marketing agencies on the internet and search their reputation on Google.

Recognize Their Pricing

What are your charges? This is the main question people focus on when choosing a digital marketing company. And the most common reason for asking this question is as many companies are on a tight budget. But my advice digital marketing is not like regular purchasing where you can bargain. So bargaining for digital marketing is not a very good idea as it requires a lot of hard work and efforts. The best option is to find an expert individual or a team who can take over your marketing goals for a few hundred to thousand dollars per month if it is possible.

Ask For Reports

One of the most authentic ways to determine the credibility of an agency is by checking their portfolio. Reports are the best way to do it. You must opt for a digital company that is particular about improving and tracking their results.  So it’s always a splendid idea to ask for reports. You will want to go through the ones that are related to your company’s field. If the agency you are planning to hire refuses to give them to you, it raises a big red flag.

Study How They Tale Success

As stated above, reporting and measuring the success is quite essential, so that both the parties may understand what is required to improve even further.  Some agencies on purpose keep their clients in dark, so they don’t need to establish the outcomes. In such case, you must stay away from such companies. Be sure to ask the company you are hiring about their track results, companies that are credible will gladly share their result with you.

Here are some of the best five digital marketing agencies in Pakistan:


Bramers is an award winning company and a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan. They offer a wide variety of different digital media services with a unique flair of expertise. Their digital solutions provide the clients to have complete control over their business. Bramerz has been running digital marketing campaign of many prestigious brands and leaves quite an impression on the mobile, digital and web platforms.

Destiny SEO

Destiny SEO has mind-blowing skills when it comes to digital marketing. With a special focus on the search engine marketing and conversion optimization, they have helped many brands over the world to gain high ranking in Google and successful with many affiliate marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a digital company that you just need to pass the details and then relax to wait for the results, Destiny SEO is the company you should hire. With a small passionate team, they have all required skills, knowledge and experience to turn your business into a big brand.

They offer best pricing packages for all sorts of businesses. Their process is simple yet effective.

Boundless Technologies

Boundless Technologies another best digital marketing company in Pakistan, offers the premium services for your business. Whether you are a small or big business, they can help your brand in getting recognize, boost the sales and engage customers.


This is another good digital marketing agency; their social media experts will create social marketing objectives for your company and will identify your target audience. They will create a stunning social media presence for you and create ads and shareable content for you to link with your social media marketing.


SocioMak is a pioneer corporation offering digital media marketing as well it trains how businesses can use this medium for marketing and branding purpose. They have a team of highly qualified social media experts and professionals who have a portfolio of great social media experience with different companies and individuals.

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How To Write Quality Articles Fast?

Honestly, we all have been there, where we are pressed for time and swamped under piles of work, while you still need to get stuff written quite well. You are under so much pressure that you can’t sleep properly, but you can’t even write a single sentence correctly. I know this feeling as I have been there, but what I did was start writing faster without any second thoughts, without thinking about anything, and once started typing I was writing in a flow.

The phenomena of writing quality articles have nothing to do with any supernatural thing; all you need is to get your brain to focus on the topic, start writing with exempting some particular habits and start adding some beneficial practices. That is all you need to do, here in this article I will explain to you how to master the art to write quality articles fast and professionally.

Freestyle Writing

Honestly speaking not a lot of writers like this method. But if you pressed for time and you have to get done with an article as quickly as possible then this is the best way. Open a new document in Microsoft Work and start typing, just don’t stop and don’t look at the clock keep typing till you done with it. Once your article is completed, take out ten minutes in editing and checking it for plagiarism, once you are clear with everything you will realize that you completed the work in no time the fast and practical way.

Set A Timer

I know a lot of people won’t like the tip, but I guess there will be hardly anyone who hasn’t tried it. So give it a try set a timer while you are writing, it’s ok if you are sitting in front of the laptop and just staring at the screen. Chances are when you will see the timer is running out of time you will jump start typing. Like I said previously, it’s not important that your sentences are correct or make sense. It just needs content to be written, it doesn’t have to be good or make sense. You can pretty it later.

Once the timer has stopped, take a break and step away from the computer, even if you haven’t written anything still take a break and come back later to write it.

Turning Off The Spelling Checker

One thing that irritates me while I’m doing my work is the red-underline error while I’m writing in Microsoft Word, I wish it would understand that it is my initial draft, and it will be perfect later.

Well, honestly, it can’t so if you are one of those writers who get bugged with the red and the green line then you can turn the spell checker off. Later you can check all the errors by turning it on.

Do Your Research Before You Write

One of the helpful ways to write fast is by stopping the urge to check your facts or to search some more to gather information.  Before you sit down to write, make sure you have done all your research. This way you can write without being disturbed. Being a writer, you need to understand that everything is there in your head, and all you need to do is note it down on your document. Researching beforehand will save you time from doing off-topic reading or searching data over YouTube, and before you realize a whole day gone without anything done much. So the key to writing fast is to do your research beforehand.

Make An Outline

This is the best tip for writing fast. If you are writing an article, put down the subheadings, if you are writing a web copy jot down the points that you want to cover. The process of jotting down the points and making an outline is pretty much similar to any other writing. Writing an article is a breeze when you make the draft.

What About Writing Articles Like An Expert?

You can’t expect your first copy to be written professionally. First, you need to focus on getting the content written first, and then you can give it another ten minutes for proofreading, editing and prettying it up.  You will notice a significant in general writing and speed writing, since you have done the research, wrote the outline, proofread the article and made it look professional. In simple words, you took another approach in writing that costs you less time.

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Top 5 SEO Trends That Dominate 2016

As we know, 2015 has been an interesting year for SEO industry. Now, it is 2016. The New Year will bring a new set of changes in the way that businesses market their services and products. The marketers worldwide will try to improve their ranking on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is basically the process of driving traffic, both from the sources of “organic” and “paid” to win the race of ranking on SERPs. If you are wondering what SEO trends will dominate 2016, then this article is for you. Here, we suggest the hottest SEO trends in 2016.

  1. Video content is getting over written content

Nowadays, written content is reckoned as the “standard”, even by many people continuously insist that including various formats of content is a great idea.

Despite written content is a basic form of content for most brands, images, infographics, videos and other mediums still serve as peripheral additions.

  1. Mobile optimization will become more crucial

If you website is mobile-friendly, then congratulate! Your audience is no longer in just a single place. People now use various sorts of devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones to browse web. Bearing in mind this, many brands became mobile-friendly in 2015. It is anticipated that there will be more and more brands taking up this trend in 2016. Mobile optimization will turn into the norm, instead of an exception. It is reported that the number of searches on those mobile devices has increased about 43% year-over-year. Because there are more and more people use mobile devices to surf the Internet, so Google decides to make it much easier to find those mobile-friendly, relevant websites.

  1. Local SEO will be highly focused

When it comes to SEO trends that will dominate 2016, local SEO is a noticeable trend. According to Entrepreneur.com, the role of local SEO is assessed higher in the coming days. As a marketer, you should let Google know where you are situated and what you are providing so that your opportunities of showing up on pages, particularly in front of relevant audiences will increase. It is very important to have your local pages including your business name and address, etc with Yahoo, Google and Bing.

  1. High Google ranks will no long mean more organic clicks

If you are still assuming that the top 1 Google ranking will warrant you the most of organic clicks, then you have to think again. The bad news is while the click-through rate is still correlated with positions, many other factors could impact your own organic clicks in the major SERP – Google in this year.

Local packs, paid ads, carousel results, rich snippets, and knowledge graphs are some of attention-grabbing SERP factors draining away organic clicks from your high ranking website.

  1. Rich answers are increasing – that is both an opportunity and a threat

Another SEO trend that will dominate 2016 is rich answers. Oftentimes, rich answers are established based on public data. Hence, if your current SEO strategy was established on public domain data, then you should change direction because obtaining the search traffic from Google will just get harder for you. If you could get your page featured in the rich answer, you will achieve a massive traffic boost. The best thing is, getting featured in the rich answers is definitely possible even when the authority of your website is not very high yet.

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Running A Successful Google AdWords Campaign – Part 1

How to set up a successful Google AdWords campaign? How do I allocate my budget and how I can earn a valuable return out of my investment? These are the few common questions in the mind of the most people who are going to run a first time Google AdWords campaign.

Here in this article, I have put my effort to provide the best strategies, tools and techniques to run a successful google AdWords campaign for your business. Before heading straight towards the steps required in running a successful Google AdWords campaign, you need to go through few key digital marketing planning process to define your Google AdWords goal, your business products/services, targeted customers and target markets, etc.

Let’s start with the digital marketing planning process first.

  1. Your Google AdWords Campaign Objective

Google AdWords marketing campaign objective guide you in creating an effective campaign and choosing the best features to achieve your goals.

What do you want to achieve from running a successful Google AdWords campaign.

According to Google, there are 3 primary digital marketing objectives of AdWords Campaign:

  • Build awareness of your startup business, new product or services. In case you need to gain a maximum exposure of your business, CPM bidding, affinity audience, demographic audience targeting features works well.
  • Influence consideration where your objective might be to differentiate your product or service from the competitors, and in case you need to get customers explore more about your offerings. Engagement ads feature, or audience targeting works well in this case.
  • Drive action where you objective is to let the customer make an actual purchase of your product or service. Is this case, feature such as conversion optimization bidding run well.
  • One AdWords objective for many advertisers is to generate new sales leads within specific budget and time frame. We called it a “conversion event’ in direct response advertising world.
  1. Your Business Primary Products/Services

You already have worked a lot on your products and services and you understand better that how it will appeal to your customers. Just like an offline advertising campaign, in Google AdWords campaign you have to position your product or service in such a way that it convey a positive image in the minds of the customer and set it apart from the competitors.

You as an advertiser, ask yourself key digital marketing questions while designing a Google AdWords campaign.

  • Is that your product or service fit to your customer needs?
  • Is there sufficient demand for your product or service?
  • What are the key attributes or benefits in your product or service that help in creating a favorable AdWords campaign?
  • What value your brand offering to your customer and at what competitive price that let the customer click your ad and eventually go for a purchase?
  • How are your products different than your competitors?
  1. Your Target Customer

Selecting ideal customers is really necessary for running a successful Google AdWords campaign. The customer analysis helps you identify the people who best fit to your offering and most likely willing to buy your products or services.

It’s one of the most important and careful processes and you must devote sufficient time in identifying the primary customer. The targeted customers should be large enough whom you can sell your products on an ongoing basis, must be measurable, and can be reached with AdWords campaign.

Market segmentation is one of the common methods that can be applied to large market into distinct groups. For market segmentation, you should look for people demographics (age, gender, race, household size), socioeconomic class (income, education, occupation), psychographics (values, personality, lifestyle), and based on their behavior (buying responses, usage, loyalties).

  1. Your Target Market

Location targeting in Google AdWords let you target the primary customers within the specific geographic location only. Based on your customer profile, you choose whether your ad should run for the entire country, specific cities within a country, or the region where your business operates.

In market segmentation as I mentioned above, there is another approach called geographic segmentation. Based on the customer residential areas and buying habits, you have the option to select the specific regions or cities in case you have a limited budget for the campaign.

Geographic segmentation for the Google AdWords campaign will be discussed more in my upcoming guides.

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