Competitor SEO Analysis

A cohesive and effective SEO brand marketing strategy requires your website consultant to offer guidance, not only in the best keywords to deploy throughout your content, but to include competitor SEO analysis for your search engine marketing to give results in ranking.

Your Destiny website SEO consultant will help you work through your priorities based on your budget, to guarantee that you get the best return on your digital marketing.  The process of ranking involves many stages to provide adequate results.

SEO Key Word Research

SEO Key Word Research: Identification of your website’s ideal keywords is the first step in your SEO brand marketing strategy. Next, this list has to be filtered for those that your site can realistically rank for vis a vis your competitors.

To target high competition words, such as ‘fashion,’ or even ‘men’s fashion,’ for instance, your company would need the brand authority or budget in advance to compete with major competitors in the industry.

Destiny SEO would help you to build out your keywords based on your particular niche, where there is less competition.

Within any competitive industry, it is useful to undertake some mind-mapping to identify associated terms. There is a range of software tools you can buy to help you do this. This step helps you organize terms into groups and categories, then add e.g. adjectives or other linked words to turn your ‘seed keywords’ into a list of keyword phrases or ‘latent keywords’ that competitors are not using, but that your audiences are typing into search engines.

There is a range of other ways to build your keyword list, so long as you understand compliance with Google’s rules:

  • Identify your competitors, then type them into SEMrush to see the list of keywords they’re ranking for
  • Spyfu gives you a list of keywords your competitors are bidding for with paid ads.
  • Google’s Keyword Planner gets you a list of possible keywords related to a primary term
  • Outsource the tedium and take the guesswork out of appropriate deployment

Competitor Identification

Next, we can dive deep into the profiles of identified competitors to really see what their strategies are to identify weaknesses and improve on what they are doing.  We can look at metrics such as Link Velocity, Domain Authority, Inbound Links, Social Shares, Domain Age, and much more.

Analysis of their backlink profile will be crucial to see who is linking to them. This makes it easier for you to go after links to those sites too, which all boosts your SEO ranking. Sorting these by domain ranking, we can then consider how much high authority links your company needs to go for.

Your competitors will be ranking regarding topicality, which is important for you to understand what is relevant to cover in your content. Their ‘trust flow’ and ‘semantic links’ will form part of our SEO website consultant’s analysis.

Social Media and Content Audit

Researching the social media strategy of your competitors offers some valuable insights into what is working for them. We can check how often they share updates on social media and who their engaged followers are. Seeing how active they are, how many followers they have and who engages with them and how will help you determine your social media strategy. We can help you set targets regarding follower acquisition and engagement.

Your Barrier to Entry and Strategy

Figuring out which of your competitors are tough to beat is half the battle in achieving ranking aims and strategies. We help our clients establish plans based on their cost per customer acquisition and available budget.  We help build your content in ways that will work for you.

When forging backlinks, we will work out how many should have a Domain Rank of 80 or more. We will look at the industry averages, so your targets are feasible.

In terms of your blog, we will make recommendations on how many should be keyword vs topic focused, how to link to social media, for the best results, etc.

Our comprehensive preparatory research will help form the backbone of your SEO strategy and will create the structure of your campaign. In a hugely competitive market online, your data helps ensure you are deploying resources effectively to get the best possible return on investment.


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