Google Mobile-Friendly Update or Mobilegeddon Will Be in Action Today April 21st

April 21st is a day of Google mobile-friendly update or mobile-algorithm update and many marketing experts named it as Mobilegeddon. Everyone is concerned about this new Google mobile-friendly update, and there is a lot of information coming from different sources right from the day when Google announced that they were going to introduced an important update for users.

This algorithm will bring two significant changes in the form of better ranking for mobile-friendly sites and most relevant app content in search results.

The good thing is that Google officially announced the upcoming date “April 21st of this update so that webmasters do the necessary changing and get their websites responsive.

So, with this announcement many questions arises in every marketer or webmaster mind and I am going to address all these questions here with an easy explanation.

Why there is a need for mobile-friendly update and what exactly it is and for whom?

The rising popularity of mobile for searching on internet, an increase in the organic traffic but a lower conversion rate as compared with desktop and tablet shows that there is a need for the mobile-responsive sites. Google repeatedly states that they want users to have an easy access to quality content and through mobile algorithm it insist webmasters to make certain changes on their websites that will be optimized for all devices.

Before April 21st, Google clarifies few things about this update.

  1. The mobile friendly update is based on a real-time search algorithms, and it crawls the sites on a page-by-page basis. Real-time means that once you make the technical changes on the site and Google pick those changes, your site will immediately benefit for this algorithm. Page-by-page basis means that only those pages will be benefit that are mobile friendly and other pages won’t.
  2. This update is estimated to be bigger, and it might take a week or few days to roll fully out globally.
  3. This update will help in ranking boost for site pages that are mobile friendly and effect those which are not yet and this is for Google’s mobile search results only.

What impact this mobile-friendly update has on your website and ranking?

Few things Google also clarifies about the impact of this mobile friendly update and its effectiveness.

  1. On a Google+ Hangout last month it was confirmed that Google news would not be affected by this mobile-friendly algorithm.
  2. Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed that this updates would not impact local businesses or the websites on Google’s local pack and only “10 blue links” on organic search listing would be affected..
  3. Mobile friendly update based on a new index and new crawler would have an impact on mobile search results only, and it would not affect any desktop ranking.
  4. It is yet to be confirmed that up to what percentage of search queries might be affected by this update. But as compared with the Panda and Penguin algorithm this update is expected to even bigger, and this was confirmed by Zineb Ait Bahajji of Google’s Webmaster Trends.

How to find out that my site is mobile-friendly or not?

Google provide two quick ways to find out whether you website is mobile friendly or not.

On your mobile take a look at your website in search results. If you find the mobile-friendly label under the URL or in your description snippet, that means Google see your website mobile friendly. If the websites that don’t have this label means that those are still not mobile friendly.

mobile-friendly labelAnother quickest way is by using Google mobile friendly testing tool. Just put your site link in the search tool and click on analyze to get the report of your website. Take a look at below the screen shot of websites that are mobile friendly and that is not.

Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Other online tools to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not are W3C mobileOK Checker and HubSpot’s Marketing Grader. These tools will provide you a more technical insight of your website and some recommendation on how to optimize for mobile.

What are the things to do to meet the Google’s Mobile Algorithm Standards?

To optimized your site for users and responsive for all devices, Google ask webmasters to avoid making common mistakes.

  1. Always allow Googlebot to crawl your site image files, JavaScript, and CSS.
  2. Avoid using content or videos that are unable to play on a mobile devise such as those that required flash players.
  3. Avoid incorrect redirections of desktop URLs to mobile URLs.
  4. Make a correct URLs redirection to avoid serving a soft 404 page.
  5. Use simple banners to promote your business’ native apps and downloads.
  6. Avoid common error of irrelevant cross-linking.
  7. Make sure your site loads quickly on phone devices.

For a quick solution, you can have a separate mobile version active for your site. A different navigation system, less content, and other features will make your website responsive and optimized for all devices.

Get prepared and ready for the tomorrow April 21, 2015 Google mobile-friendly update.

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