Honestly, we all have been there, where we are pressed for time and swamped under piles of work, while you still need to get stuff written quite well. You are under so much pressure that you can’t sleep properly, but you can’t even write a single sentence correctly. I know this feeling as I have been there, but what I did was start writing faster without any second thoughts, without thinking about anything, and once started typing I was writing in a flow.

The phenomena of writing quality articles have nothing to do with any supernatural thing; all you need is to get your brain to focus on the topic, start writing with exempting some particular habits and start adding some beneficial practices. That is all you need to do, here in this article I will explain to you how to master the art to write quality articles fast and professionally.

Freestyle Writing

Honestly speaking not a lot of writers like this method. But if you pressed for time and you have to get done with an article as quickly as possible then this is the best way. Open a new document in Microsoft Work and start typing, just don’t stop and don’t look at the clock keep typing till you done with it. Once your article is completed, take out ten minutes in editing and checking it for plagiarism, once you are clear with everything you will realize that you completed the work in no time the fast and practical way.

Set A Timer

I know a lot of people won’t like the tip, but I guess there will be hardly anyone who hasn’t tried it. So give it a try set a timer while you are writing, it’s ok if you are sitting in front of the laptop and just staring at the screen. Chances are when you will see the timer is running out of time you will jump start typing. Like I said previously, it’s not important that your sentences are correct or make sense. It just needs content to be written, it doesn’t have to be good or make sense. You can pretty it later.

Once the timer has stopped, take a break and step away from the computer, even if you haven’t written anything still take a break and come back later to write it.

Turning Off The Spelling Checker

One thing that irritates me while I’m doing my work is the red-underline error while I’m writing in Microsoft Word, I wish it would understand that it is my initial draft, and it will be perfect later.

Well, honestly, it can’t so if you are one of those writers who get bugged with the red and the green line then you can turn the spell checker off. Later you can check all the errors by turning it on.

Do Your Research Before You Write

One of the helpful ways to write fast is by stopping the urge to check your facts or to search some more to gather information.  Before you sit down to write, make sure you have done all your research. This way you can write without being disturbed. Being a writer, you need to understand that everything is there in your head, and all you need to do is note it down on your document. Researching beforehand will save you time from doing off-topic reading or searching data over YouTube, and before you realize a whole day gone without anything done much. So the key to writing fast is to do your research beforehand.

Make An Outline

This is the best tip for writing fast. If you are writing an article, put down the subheadings, if you are writing a web copy jot down the points that you want to cover. The process of jotting down the points and making an outline is pretty much similar to any other writing. Writing an article is a breeze when you make the draft.

What About Writing Articles Like An Expert?

You can’t expect your first copy to be written professionally. First, you need to focus on getting the content written first, and then you can give it another ten minutes for proofreading, editing and prettying it up.  You will notice a significant in general writing and speed writing, since you have done the research, wrote the outline, proofread the article and made it look professional. In simple words, you took another approach in writing that costs you less time.

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Anum Sharf

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