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So your website is generating masses of leads, but they are not converting to paying customers and nobody is picking up the phone to call you.  ‘Leaky lead generation’, where buyers are dropping out of your sales funnel and your rates of customer conversion from website visitors is low is a common problem of businesses wanting to sell online.

There are so many gaps that customers can fall through in moving around online, where you lose sales.  Customer can be lost through gaps in your offline to online sales process, or at any point where they move from researching elsewhere online to reaching you. You can even lose potential customers after they have found your website, but there is a problem in the links between pages, or some other problem making people drop out before checkout.

Your designated Destiny SEO website consultant can undertake a full website audit to find where you are leaking customers and potential profits. From broken links, to patchy navigation or technical fixes and solutions for checkout on eCommerce sites, we can help.

We will look at your current cost of customer acquisition, what your click back rates are for particular web pages and where fixes can be made to plug the gaps in your sales chain and reduce your cost per conversion.

Let us undertake a full analysis of your online presence, including connections between your social media accounts, paid advertising, or other strategies and how your methods of online marketing are connected to identify where we can rocket your customer conversions and your return on investment.

Our SEO experts in conversion rate optimization ensure you maximize your current leads, to continue selling to them over and over, rather than simply selling once, then losing out on continued customer loyalty.


How Destiny SEO affiliates help Kratom Crazy increase traffic to site and doubled its sales.

World’s top eye makeup e-commerce brand chose Destiny SEO to introduce new product to customers.


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