Recovery from Google Panda and Penguin Penalties

Destiny SEO services for small businesses treat your business as if it were our own. That means staying compliant and ahead of changes to the search engine marketing rules. The search engines regularly update their technical algorithms that determine what gets rewarded on websites.  Avoiding penalties are crucial for search engine ranking and your business visibility.

Every time the latest algorithm updates are introduced, we take care to establish what changes have been made to ensure that our clients’ websites don’t fall foul of the new parameters and waste their investment in their digital marketing efforts.

We find out as quickly as we can and as best as we can how to develop the perfect search engine optimization (SEO) plan so that your website remains successful in rankings. This is no straightforward task, given that the new rules are not public. Vigilance is required by your SEO agency to look out for signs of what’s important.

Let’s take a look at Google’s Panda and Penguin updates to see why they are important for your SEO strategy.

Google Panda

For our clients in the U.S.A., the ‘Google Panda’ search engine optimization algorithm is also known as the ‘Farmer Update.’  Panda arrived on the SEO scene in 2011, with updates since.  The main purpose of the update was just to keep low quality and weak content sites out of the top ranking search results to reward quality websites.

Many sites with too much advertising, or low-quality content, saw a massive decline in the rankings when Panda began. Panda will penalize sites with low-quality content where the bots track people clicking away quickly because they are not getting desired info or what they expect.

Google Penguin

Penguin came hot on the heels of Panda in 2012. Once more this algorithm will penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and to raise the ranking and visibility of higher quality websites.

In the SEO industry, professional SEO services will avoid practicing so-called ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques.  For instance: duplicated content, keyword stuffing, and cloaking can all lead to your website being penalized.

Destiny SEO Fix Search Engine Penalties

If your website has suffered a sudden drop in rankings, we look into possible reasons and remedy problem areas. While bringing you back up in the rankings can take time, with systematic, proven fixes, your Destiny website consultant can help.

Our professional SEO services only use compliant SEO strategies to ensure your investment in SEO achieves stronger site performance.


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