Running A Successful Google AdWords Campaign – Part 1

How to set up a successful Google AdWords campaign? How do I allocate my budget and how I can earn a valuable return out of my investment? These are the few common questions in the mind of the most people who are going to run a first time Google AdWords campaign.

Here in this article, I have put my effort to provide the best strategies, tools and techniques to run a successful google AdWords campaign for your business. Before heading straight towards the steps required in running a successful Google AdWords campaign, you need to go through few key digital marketing planning process to define your Google AdWords goal, your business products/services, targeted customers and target markets, etc.

Let’s start with the digital marketing planning process first.

  1. Your Google AdWords Campaign Objective

Google AdWords marketing campaign objective guide you in creating an effective campaign and choosing the best features to achieve your goals.

What do you want to achieve from running a successful Google AdWords campaign.

According to Google, there are 3 primary digital marketing objectives of AdWords Campaign:

  • Build awareness of your startup business, new product or services. In case you need to gain a maximum exposure of your business, CPM bidding, affinity audience, demographic audience targeting features works well.
  • Influence consideration where your objective might be to differentiate your product or service from the competitors, and in case you need to get customers explore more about your offerings. Engagement ads feature, or audience targeting works well in this case.
  • Drive action where you objective is to let the customer make an actual purchase of your product or service. Is this case, feature such as conversion optimization bidding run well.
  • One AdWords objective for many advertisers is to generate new sales leads within specific budget and time frame. We called it a “conversion event’ in direct response advertising world.
  1. Your Business Primary Products/Services

You already have worked a lot on your products and services and you understand better that how it will appeal to your customers. Just like an offline advertising campaign, in Google AdWords campaign you have to position your product or service in such a way that it convey a positive image in the minds of the customer and set it apart from the competitors.

You as an advertiser, ask yourself key digital marketing questions while designing a Google AdWords campaign.

  • Is that your product or service fit to your customer needs?
  • Is there sufficient demand for your product or service?
  • What are the key attributes or benefits in your product or service that help in creating a favorable AdWords campaign?
  • What value your brand offering to your customer and at what competitive price that let the customer click your ad and eventually go for a purchase?
  • How are your products different than your competitors?
  1. Your Target Customer

Selecting ideal customers is really necessary for running a successful Google AdWords campaign. The customer analysis helps you identify the people who best fit to your offering and most likely willing to buy your products or services.

It’s one of the most important and careful processes and you must devote sufficient time in identifying the primary customer. The targeted customers should be large enough whom you can sell your products on an ongoing basis, must be measurable, and can be reached with AdWords campaign.

Market segmentation is one of the common methods that can be applied to large market into distinct groups. For market segmentation, you should look for people demographics (age, gender, race, household size), socioeconomic class (income, education, occupation), psychographics (values, personality, lifestyle), and based on their behavior (buying responses, usage, loyalties).

  1. Your Target Market

Location targeting in Google AdWords let you target the primary customers within the specific geographic location only. Based on your customer profile, you choose whether your ad should run for the entire country, specific cities within a country, or the region where your business operates.

In market segmentation as I mentioned above, there is another approach called geographic segmentation. Based on the customer residential areas and buying habits, you have the option to select the specific regions or cities in case you have a limited budget for the campaign.

Geographic segmentation for the Google AdWords campaign will be discussed more in my upcoming guides.

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