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superwall systems SEO  Client: Superwall Systems

  Industry: Architectural & Engineering


Project Type: SEO Services / Google Manual Penalty Removal

Goal: Accurate keywords research for SEO, SEO-Friendly site URL structure, Google manual penalty removal


Superwall Systems is an architectural and structural engineering company operating in Australia since 2002. Along with highly professional engineering and architectural design services, the company also supply a full range of structural steel framing and water wall systems for building homes and storing rainwater. The business owner has decided to integrate fully digital marketing for business growth and transform into a big brand.

The Challenge

We find two big issues at the time when site handed over to us. The very challenging problem with the site was unnatural, artificial links pointing towards the site. The bad backlinks results in Google manual action and it affects the entire site. The second challenge we faced was that the site lack of relevant keywords on the entire site. Irrelevant keywords strategy results in inaccurate keywords in pages titles, meta descriptions and site URLs.

SEO Keyword Research

We get started with the keywords research first – finding the right keywords for the site primary and products pages. We follow five important steps in our keywords research strategy and implementation process.

  1. Know the business first
  2. Finding and understanding the business niche
  3. Review the competitor sites
  4. Discuss with the business management team
  5. Work on right online keywords research tools

We understand the business first – which products or services they are selling. We then categorize the products and placed them in their right category so that users easily get through the entire store.

Without understanding the site niche or target market, we can’t able to find out the right keywords for the site. Understanding the niche helps us in finding out the keywords based on location and that users most search to find out specific products or services.

We then review the competitors sites to find out which keywords they have implemented and on which keywords they are ranking. It helps us a lot in finalizing the keywords for the site product pages.

Before using the online keywords research tools, we discuss with the site management team to learn more about the business and find out what are their plans.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of the perfect tools that help you in finding out the keywords based on search volume and competition. The tool helps us in finding out the relevant keywords for the product pages and that we miss on the entire site. For example, the business deal in “steel” framing systems and the site previously missed that word “steel” on the site.

After spending sufficient time on keywords research, we finally come up with the right content and keywords on-site that will definitely help in the site optimization process. We successfully added the keywords inside the page titles, URLs, meta descriptions and inside the site content and products descriptions.

Google Manual Penalty Removal

The site received a Google manual penalty for the unnatural backlinks pointing towards the site from irrelevant low-quality sources. So, to recovered the site from Google manual penalty is a big challenge for us as it required a lot of skills, effort, and time. The following strategy we implement to get the site out of this situation.

Step #1:

Before heading straight towards the link audit and backlinks removal process, we decided to put sufficient time in reading helpful guides posted by Google and experienced SEO professionals on a manual penalty. We read more than 50 articles and watched 10-15 videos on Google manual penalty and removal process. We note down each process in a separate sheet and then started working on it step by step.

Step #2:

The second step starts with the finding all those links that are pointing towards your site. We download all recent links from the Google webmaster tools and another site “Majestic SEO”. We then sort out all site wide links and removed the duplicates from the spreadsheet.

Step #3:

We then did a thorough audit of links that are of low quality, pointing from unrelated niche sites. Links from thin or duplicate content sites, sites that are penalized by Google, links from adult sites, spam comments, unusual forum profile links and through other various methods that violate Google quality guidelines.

Step #4:

Removal of low-quality backlinks was the most crucial process, and this is what Google consider most in the reconsideration request. For backlinks removal, we first approach to the site owner and the previous SEO company to ask them for the login details of the accounts that were used for building all these links. Luckily, we get the login details of an account by which 60+ profile links were created on irrelevant forums and social sites. We successfully removed all these profile links and then started sending requests to all other sites for which we don’t have access. Our way of sending removal request is quite simple and straight forward.

Hello Admin/Editor,

The reason why I am contacting you is to request the removal of the link that point towards I found on your site.

URL of profile/post:

Link Anchor Text: rainwater tanks

Posted on: Feb 02 2011 at 4:57am

However, these links do not pass Google’s linking guidelines. I will be really thankful if you please eliminate the link as early as possible.


Dave Cann
Business Owner

We send 3-4 removal requests to each site with the gap of 4 working days on each one. With this straightforward removal request, we were successfully able to get removed more than half of the bad backlinks.

Step #5:

We then separate those sites from where we didn’t receive any response even after sending multiple requests, which charge payment for removal and the sites with no contact info. We put all these sites on disavow file and submitted to Google Disavow Tool.

Step #6:

At the end we prepared a detailed reconsideration request and submitted to Google quality team for review on June 21, 2015.

google reconsideration request

The Outcomes

And on July 11, 2015, after almost 20 days we have an email from the Google that the manual spam action revoked and removed all actions previously applied to the site.

google penalty revoked

After Google manual penalty recovery, the site started appearing again on Google organic searches. Site previous ranking on certain keywords that once disappeared now return back.

The Lesson

We must always strict to the Google quality guidelines for the consistent flow of customers via organic searches. Make sure hire the right digital marketer or company for the SEO strategy of the site and that can produce the desirable results based on short and long term search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

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