How to Use Marketing Automation To Improve Your Business

Marketing automation software has many different capabilities. But certain programs can help you with specific functions to improve. Check out these marketing automation tools to see better marketing results within your business:

1. Salesfusion Marketing and Sales Funnel

Marketing and Sales should not be worlds apart. With Salesfusion, you can work to align these efforts to create a smoother process of converting leads into customers. The tools included in Salesfusion’s marketing automation software will help you find more luck converting prospects.

2. Hubspot Inbound Lead Strategies

Hubspot is a well-known name in marketing automation. What it excels in is lead marketing efforts to find new individuals and tracking them with the help of analytics and deeper data about each lead. With the help of Hubspot you can automate marketing efforts to consistently gain new clients.

Hubspot Inbound Lead Strategies

3. Marketo Data-Storing

Each and every task you manage online needs to be saved and stored safely. Marketo is a cloud-storing marketing system which world to keep you organized and keep your data stored safely, which is an underrated function in the digital world.

4. LeadPath Lead Management

LeadPath has several functions to improve lead management. It first works to create landing pages and forms to get the best data from leads to help you track each individual. It them works to help prioritize leads through lead scoring functions to help you target the right leads at the right time. These tools can help you improve your lead nurturing efforts and see a higher ROI.

5. Pardot CRM

Marketing automation efforts can be combined with Pardot, which works to improve conditions for lead and customers. Their CRM system helps improve functions and integrates lead scoring and nurturing efforts into other marketing functions.

6. Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Combo

Infusion soft is another marketing tool that will help you combine your two main efforts, marketing and sales, to streamline the process for quicker and more reliable results.

Infusionsoft Sales and Marketing Combo

7. JumpLeadfor Cheap Marketing Automation

Some marketing automation software companies are way overpriced and out of reach for small businesses looking for a new marketing system. JumpLead works to combine efforts in a simpler system. It is an affordable starting tool for small business owners looking for marketing automation software.

8. Eloqua for Speedy Efforts

Eloqua will help expedite your marketing efforts, by organizing your information and making your marketing campaign work harder and faster to see results you need happen sooner.

9. Bremy Content Management

Content of all types is crucial to a successful digital marketing campaign. With the help of Bremy, you can organize and work to publish content of all types (copy, videos, posts) in an organized content management schedule. It will also work to help your content get more recognition online.

10. Improved Communication

Working to improve your connections with your clients should be a priority within your marketing campaign. With you can work to improve communication through messages sent to customers and a reliable system of two-way communication. This system will increase customer satisfaction with your business.

11. Outmarket Combines Efforts

If you need a system that organizes all of your efforts, try OutMarket which covers social, search, CRM and other marketing strategies in one organized software. This will help you consolidate your marketing efforts in one easy to use software.

12. AdRoll to Reengage

Remarketing to your old prospects and former clients is considered a lost cause to some. But with AdRoll you can use the marketing automation toll to help you retarget leads through social media campaigns and email marketing efforts with the help of tracking and analytical tools to measure your efforts.

13. Buzz Builder Pro Lead Generation

Through the use of lead forms, and nurturing automation, BuzzBuilder Pro helps to get deeper into the background of each individual lead and then use the information to find better ways to nurture and convert the new prospect.


14. Zapier Social Media Improvement

Zapier can handle many marketing tasks for social media, including efforts like streamlining and aligning your different social networking sites, improving links and finding ways to share and optimize your social media posts. Social media marketing is a large part of an online marketing campaign, and it can be a lot to handle without the help of tools like Zapier.

15.Genoo Grabs Lead Data

With Genoo, you can create a centralized data system, to keep track of your leads and infromaiton. This will help you target leads better, along with their profiling system to find more data from each new lead.

With this list of marketing automation tools, you should be able to find the right marketing automation systems to use based on the needs of your organization and the desired functions you need to be taken care of to improve your business.

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