16 Instagram Tools That Will Surprisingly Boost Your Instagram Success

Are you aware how Instagram can bring success to your business?

Do you know how to get a huge number of followers and likes for your Instagram account?

No doubt, Instagram is an excellent way to connect socially and engage with consumers. With more than 400 million active monthly users and 3.5 billion Instagram Likes every day, it is a useful tool for creating brand awareness. You can gain instant success by using Instagram in the right way, but the wrong way can be a loss of time and energy.

Instagram Tools To Gain Success

1) Collecto

Formerly, Collecto was known as Followgram. With this Instagram tool, you can increase your Instagram account’s functionality. This tool has an elegant web interface to manage your Instagram presence. It also has a statistical section that synchronizes data and gives you an overview of your account’s activity.


Instagram had an amazing black-and-white filter called Gotham. And this was perfect for developing noir-style photos. But Gotham was ditched for no good reason and got replaced with Inkwell. Nowadays, many online businesses use BLACK, which is an iOS-related application. This is a robust tool to emulate black and white photos using filters.

3) Iconosquare

One of the most user-friendly interfaces to manage Instagram accounts is Iconosquare. It was previously known as Statigram. Using this Instagram tool you can include various add-ons to Instagram accounts. The best part of using Iconosquare is its analytics feature. You also get different tips on optimizing your Instagram account and making the most of your engagements.

4) Perfect365 And Facetune

If you are a selfie junkie, then Facetune is a highly recommended application to airbrush your skin and even whiten your teeth. Perfect365 (which is available free on Android and iOS) is one of the best feature-rich applications to tweak your best selfies. According to US Weekly Magazine, Kim Kardashian and her sisters often use this Instagram tool to edit their selfies just before posting them to Instagram.

5) Totem Analytics

Previously, known as Nitrogram, this Instagram tool is one of the best analytic platforms created to boost and focus your business’s Instagram presence. This tool uses two platforms Totem Connect and Totem Analytics to enhance your Instagram presence.

Totem Analytics tool assists you in getting real-time metrics for your posts and even lets you monitor the growth of your competitors. Totem Connect helps in reaching and interacting with your targeted Instagram audience.

6) Hyperlapse And Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

One of the best apps for creating time lapses, Hyperlapse allows you to speed up and slow down the video from 1x to 12x the normal rate. It uses software image stabilization, which is quite a standout feature. You end up getting cinematic videos that look like they’ve been captured on expensive camera gear. Android users can go for an alternative like Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

7) INK361

The INK361 is one of the best and most commonly used free web interfaces which allows you to view your Instagram feed on your desktop. Here the images displayed will be much bigger compared to the mobile. Furthermore, you can design custom albums and share them even with non-Instagram users.

8) Boomerang And Phhhoto

Among the tons of apps which can you use to develop short animations and videos that loop, Phhhoto is one of the best. Unlike other applications, it creates low-fi moving pictures by design. To get higher resolution looping videos, you can use Boomerang.

Boomerang And Phhhoto

9) PicStitch And Layout

Many people get irritated when they open their Instagram feed and see dozens of snaps in a few minutes. With the Layout app, you can create various photo layouts. Similarly, PicStitch contains 245 different layouts, and it also has a built-in photo editor.

10) Enlight And Giphy Cam

Some people feel that Instagram is filled with too many symmetrical buildings, sunsets, and selfies. Well, this is not the case. You can also post fun or silly snaps. As per Lance Ulanoff, the chief correspondent of Mashable, Giphy Cam is an incubator of all your best and worst GIF nightmares.

It is the perfect app to organize goofy video posts. Similarly, Enlight is a feature-packed photo editing application. It has Painting, Mixer, Effects and Sketch tools which assist in converting your outstanding photos to creative art pieces.

11) Curalate

This is an excellent analyzing Instagram tool, suitable for visual website content and can be used for measuring and monitoring the performance of brands on Instagram. Using Curalate, you can introduce the story of your business through videos and images, to increase the engagement of your audience and create a brand reputation.

12) Snapseed

One of the best photo-editing applications suitable for Android and iOS is Snapseed. Snapseed has a large number of editing tools which are stronger than the built-in ones of Instagram and its filters.

13) Piqora

This is a paid Instagram tool suitable for social media engagement. This tool analyzes your Instagram account and informs when you need to post based on your analytics. Piqora also helps with managing your account and contest tracking.

14) SnapPen And Typic

Some people don’t like to ruin their Instagram pics with doodles and text, still, these express emotions in a photo. Typic is a free app that helps in adding stamps and text while SnapPen used for adding doodles. Both these Instagram tools are straightforward and simple to use.

15) SimplyMeasured

This is a free Instagram tool to produce detailed reports about your Instagram campaigns. You can either export it to PowerPoint or download the Excel analytics. SimplyMeasured informs you which images are bringing Instagram campaigns and which day or time is best for posting images.

16) Websta

Formerly known as Webstagram, this Instagram tool assists in organizing Instagram posts, sending messages and also provides statistical information about your account. Also, you can browse famous users, hashtags, and images.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that Instagram is a great platform for your business. But you do have a lot of options regarding the Instagram tools to gain Instagram success. Choose the right tools and you can increase your Instagram marketing productivity exponentially.

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