How You Can Craft Your Articles For Humans And SEO Bots

When crafting killer articles for your site or blog, there should be two main considerations: first, the contents must be able to engage entertain and efficiently drive conversions; and second, contents must be able to reach a broad scope of audience.

Technically, as most web traffic comes from search engines, weaving materials that are optimized for better search visibility is paramount to get your place on the internet.

Although these goals – high-quality content and efficient search visibility – may seem to be not correlative with each other, both are essential in obtaining marketing success. Thus, they must be part of your primary goals.

It is important for your contents to be well-written, entertaining and filled with relevant information for the users; however, none of that would matter if they remain unseen inside your website.

A good SEO ranking can help pull your contents in its hiding place and bring it in front to many readerships.

As a marketer, you should learn on how to become a great storyteller— conveying your brand’s story through different mediums to a wide number of audiences. Here are ideal practices in weaving efficient and captivating articles:

Use Examples

Giving concrete examples could make your article stronger and more relatable. Stay away from purely theoretical contents when sharing anything about your products or services or your brand in general. Consider finding excellent points that relate to news or pop culture to better give your audience a better frame of reference. These relatable stories can be remembered longer than by presenting confusing statistics or numbers.

Show Your Voice

One of an ideal thing you can do for your brand is to provide it with a unique voice. Don’t hesitate to get a little bit quirky or funny (if you are).

It is helpful to read the piece aloud to identify if it sounds just like you. Your real voice can become your best asset.

While it is through that you have to adhere to the standard of your industry but the reality is that the more you sound like a human being, the more people will get attracted to engage with you.

Get To Know Your Audience

Be aware that your blog is not your journal. Make sure to know your audience well to allow you choose suitable languages for whomever you are trying to address your articles. If you are writing for broad readers, forget about the jargons. Keep paragraphs on point and short and refrain from incorporating difficult-to-understand materials.

Finally, become a critic of your work. Go on for some revisions if you think it’s necessary.

Major Considerations In Writing Articles For SEO

See? Creating great articles isn’t as hard as others would think. Now, we must address the next necessary factor: optimizing your contents to be seen.

Along with social media posting, being able to optimize your contents for the search engines is a proven method in bringing in your articles to a better number of audience. Mainly, by trying to optimize your contents to appear more often in search engine recommendations, you can have a great chance of increasing not just the visibility of your articles but the trustworthiness of your brand as well.

The following are primary methods you can use in creating SEO-friendly contents:

Stay Organic

Putting in friendly and highly visible keywords within your piece is the best way to exemplify your campaign. These keywords must be incorporated in a way that they will look organic with the subject matter. Know that most of the readers today especially those that spend an ample time in the digital world are capable of noticing if you just stuffed your work with keywords that you hope will maximize visibility.

Incorporate Effective Keywords

Make sure to optimize your articles by including keywords in your titles or even in your subtitles. Create a keyword hierarchy and utilize the most search generating efficiently. Further, remember to use the most relevant keyword in the article’s title.

Be Clever About Image

Make sure to include images with alt texts to make your page show up even in image searches. Images are also necessary for breaking up texts in a creative manner. Further, high-quality images will make your piece even more attractive and engaging.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned ideas can help you get your way to the top of your marketing battles. Not just these will help elevate your brand, but these ideas will also aid in enhancing your reputation as a quality content provider.

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