SEO Keyword Research Services

SEO Keywords are the single biggest factor in ensuring your website ranking and visibility. We want you to understand how this is an element of your site design that is essential for local search marketing, for finding people around the world who are looking for your particular services and products and how search engine keywords help you stay visible in the longer term in organic searches online.

To understand the importance of keywords, it is essential to understand how Google, Bing and the other search engines work, so here’s a quick and simple explanation.

Search Engines Want To Make Users Happy

When you type a phrase into the search engine, e.g. “legal services in Ohio,” Google or your preferred search engine get paid by advertisers who advertise with those very words. The search engine helps advertisers connect with people who are looking for the services they advertise. These are the sponsored advertisements that you see prominent on the page.

However, this is only one side of the picture.

The rest of the web links that come up with your search also have information about ‘legal services in Ohio.’  The search engines have a record of EVERYTHING on those websites with these words in. They pick the best and show these to the person seeking to choose from.

Google, bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine want to make sure that the person searching is happy what they find. If they are not, they will click away to another search engine, and they lose advertiser money.

So, in short, the search engines want website publishers, advertisers and people searching all to be happy.  The way to do this is to make sure that content on websites that come up in organic searches, or those which are linked to paid adverts are good quality.

How the search engine knows which are good websites to display will depend on many different factors, but one of the most significant is about what words the websites use and whether these match the ones people are looking for.

Key Words Help Match People Searching and Website Publishers

If your website has many different phrases all linked directly or indirectly to legal services in Ohio, then your site is likely to be ranked higher and seen by your customers and clients.  Because the word “Ohio”, or other local town or region is mentioned, this helps SEO local ranking. Because the words “legal services” are used, this helps for being seen as an authority in your niche, particularly if you offer “specialist commercial legal services in Ohio.”

The Art and Science of SEO Keywords

Choosing the exact terms that help you compete with others and not get drowned out by the bigger players in your niche is where the skill of SEO keywords comes in.  If you use words too much, then you will be treated as spamming people, and the search engines will punish your website.

There are every changing rules and search engine algorithms which govern keyword placement for your web copy. This is where Destiny SEO specialists can help. As an organic SEO agency, we stay ahead of the changing rules, so you don’t have to and ensure that your website remains compliant. Mistakes with keyword optimization can be costly.  We take the anxiety out of this key element of your site SEO.

Talk to your website SEO consultant about how we can help get your copy compliant, popular and consistent.