SEO Keywords Ranking Of A Law Firm – Case Study


Industry: Law Firm


Project Type: Web Design / Content Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

Goal: Increase the keywords ranking on highly targeted keywords


TAX CARE a tax preparation company in Lahore came to DestinySEO for help. Actually, our client wasn’t even aware of the term SEO. All they wanted for their site to have a decent number of monthly visitors to get some leads. It was time for us to roll our sleeves and dig deeper because we did everything from scratch.

The Challenge

It really was a challenge. When our experts examined the structure, content, code, and speed of the site, they knew they had a job to do. This website had everything that Google hates!

Problems we found

The website need fixes in all areas:

Non-Responsive Design: One of our experts freaked out, “Non-responsive website in 2020, you kidding me?” The client had no idea about the importance of having a responsive website. We told him there was no chance any mobile user would convert to his site because 94% of people judge websites on responsive web design.

Duplicate Content: There were two problems with the content. First, it was plagiarized. Second, it made no sense! This is a common issue. According to a study conducted by Raven Tools, 29 percent of websites are dealing with duplicate content. So, we had to write it from scratch after finding out the low competition and high traffic keywords to embed in it.

Keyword Density: The previous writer apparently had no idea about keywords. He had copy-pasted content from another site without even bothering to add some high-traffic keywords in it. An ideal keyword density is around 1-2%. As a result, the site was ranked nowhere.

Technical Errors: Besides the content and design of the site, there were technical errors. The development team poorly wrote the code, and it had no structure. If we made changes to one element, the other blew up, too.

Site Speed: As a result of poorly structured and bulky code, the site took more time to load. Even if someone had clicked on the site, he’d have left immediately because the site didn’t open in less than 3 seconds.

If you have little knowledge of SEO, you can relate. And these things would appear to be basic stuff for you. But when it comes to fixing these things, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

SEO Ranking Strategy and Implementation

SEO is a time taking process. It takes months to see results. So our first objective was to revamp the site.

And before everything, we had to present our strategy to the client. Apparently, he was only interested in results, yet we presented our whole approach to show him how it’ll work.

The plan was to enrich the site with top-notch level content after making the site structure, design, and code Google friendly. And then, once we had content ready, we would focus on link building.

Our developers designed the website from scratch by following best SEO practices. It pass the test on GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights. The website look great on Mobile, too.

Meanwhile, the writer searched for high-traffic keywords and wrote search engine-friendly content in the right tone. Our objective was to start from long-tail keywords ( that are searched more in this niche).

Yoast SEO further helped us to optimize every post.

For ranking on Google Map, we integrated the map and reviews on the landing page.

We installed anti-spam and anti-virus plugins to keep all kinds of viruses and hazardous elements at the bay.

The Outcome

By the start of January 2020, the site started to get organic traffic. As you can see, the monthly traffic soared high from less than 200 to around 1.5k. The best bit is, it’s still going up. As of now, the site is ranked in the top 5 results on some high search volume keywords.


●     How to become filer in pakistan ( ranking 5th position – first page).

●     Trade mark registration lahore (ranking 4th position – first page).

●     Tax consultants in pakistan (ranking 3rd on Google Map – 4th on Google organic searches).


And as you can see, the ranking on some other keywords is also improving day by day.

taxcare law firm keywords ranking

What Made This Possible?

As said earlier, SEO isn’t about a one-time fix but a long-term strategy. In this case, what worked for us will work for anyone:


● Responsive design

● Code optimization

● Speed optimization

● Unique & SEO friendly content

● Right keywords in the content ( high traffic and low competition )

● Link building

● Fortifying the site to combat spam and virus attacks

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