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Successful search engine marketing demands equal attention to on page SEO and off page SEO.  Some professional SEO services also call this: On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.  Destiny SEO offers a full range of on and off page SEO services to ensure that your website achieves the best possible results in visibility and ranking to provide a return on investment in your SEO brand marketing online.

Your website needs to ensure that all of its key SEO elements are optimized to compete with the noise of millions of other websites online, all battling to gain dominance on the search engines.  SEO services are broadly divided into two categories: On-site and off-site SEO.

How your content links to other content via hyperlinks is what helps your visitors navigate around to what is relevant to them and also demonstrate your relevance and authority within your field to visitors and search engines alike.

On Page SEO and On-Site SEO

On page and on-site SEO is about ensuring that there are no missed opportunities to ensure your web content will appeal to both your visitors and be indexed and ranked by the search engines. This is about the use of specific strategies for keyword SEO and text linking.

However, it is not only your text but also, your images, video, podcasts and other content accessed via your website that needs to be described in such a way that both visitors and the search engines can see that you offer relevant and valuable content on the subject being searched for. The search engines reward your relevance, quality and also the media richness on your web pages, amongst other variables that contribute to ranking.

Your Destiny SEO web consultant will ensure that all of the technical aspects, beyond the visibility of visitors, are optimized. Such as Header Tags, Alt tags, etc. are appropriately SEO optimized, so that in combination with the text your visitors can read being key word enriched, your web page search engine optimization is the best it can be for your website to perform.

We ensure that hierarchy of links across your site and on page SEO is appropriate to offer your business the best chance of converting to sales and that there are good cross-links between pages that make it easy for your visitor to make the transition from their initial research to taking an action you want them to take.

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Off-Site SEO and Off Page SEO

Off page SEO or off-site SEO is part art, part science. Destiny SEO agency helps businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors to get this important feature of their website right.

Because ease of navigation for customers is important to convert them to buyers, your site needs to ensure that it is well linked to where your visitors are coming from. By the same token, if they are reading your blogs, articles and white papers, you want to demonstrate that your company is the authority in your industry. This means making links to other websites or research papers which have high credibility.

Your Destiny SEO website consultant will ensure that your off page SEO will optimize links between e.g. your social media posts, your sponsored advertisements (e.g. Google Ads), or other off-site links provide intuitive links for your website visitors, so they are reassured when they land on your pages that they are in the right place and do not click away.

When linking to other websites, we check to ensure high-quality link building, so your site is not penalized by visitors for linking to sites or other content on the web that do not offer them good quality information or entertainment.

Destiny SEO ensures strong SEO brand marketing by looking at which words in your text are linked to other sites. Also, any backlinks from other sites will be optimized to bring the best results and keep visitors on your site.

Your links are not only relevant to your visitors, your web page search engine optimization is recorded and rewarded by Google and other search engines when you offer quality links that your visitors like.

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Google Certified Digital Agency Partner

google certified partners destiny seo

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