Top 5 SEO Trends That Dominate 2020

As we know, 2019 has been an interesting year for SEO industry. Now, it is 2020. The New Year will bring a new set of changes in the way that businesses market their services and products. The marketers worldwide will try to improve their ranking on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is basically the process of driving traffic, both from the sources of “organic” and “paid” to win the race of ranking on SERPs. If you are wondering what SEO trends will dominate 2020, then this article is for you. Here, we suggest the hottest SEO trends in 2020.

1. Video content is getting over written content

Nowadays, written content is reckoned as the “standard”, even by many people continuously insist that including various formats of content is a great idea.

Despite written content is a basic form of content for most brands, images, infographics, videos and other mediums still serve as peripheral additions.

2. Mobile optimization will become more crucial

If you website is mobile-friendly, then congratulate! Your audience is no longer in just a single place. People now use various sorts of devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones to browse web. Bearing in mind this, many brands became mobile-friendly in 2019. It is anticipated that there will be more and more brands taking up this trend in 2020. Mobile optimization will turn into the norm, instead of an exception. It is reported that the number of searches on those mobile devices has increased about 43% year-over-year. Because there are more and more people use mobile devices to surf the Internet, so Google decides to make it much easier to find those mobile-friendly, relevant websites.

3. Local SEO will be highly focused

When it comes to SEO trends that will dominate 2020, local SEO is a noticeable trend. According to, the role of local SEO is assessed higher in the coming days. As a marketer, you should let Google know where you are situated and what you are providing so that your opportunities of showing up on pages, particularly in front of relevant audiences will increase. It is very important to have your local pages including your business name and address, etc with Yahoo, Google and Bing.

4. High Google ranks will no long mean more organic clicks

If you are still assuming that the top 1 Google ranking will warrant you the most of organic clicks, then you have to think again. The bad news is while the click-through rate is still correlated with positions, many other factors could impact your own organic clicks in the major SERP – Google in this year.

Local packs, paid ads, carousel results, rich snippets, and knowledge graphs are some of attention-grabbing SERP factors draining away organic clicks from your high ranking website.

5. Rich answers are increasing – that is both an opportunity and a threat

Another SEO trend that will dominate 2020 is rich answers. Oftentimes, rich answers are established based on public data. Hence, if your current SEO strategy was established on public domain data, then you should change direction because obtaining the search traffic from Google will just get harder for you. If you could get your page featured in the rich answer, you will achieve a massive traffic boost. The best thing is, getting featured in the rich answers is definitely possible even when the authority of your website is not very high yet.

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